Olivia Hargrave

Olivia joined the Hydro-biogeochemistry group in June 2016. She is a senior pursuing a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research primarily pertains to arsenic contamination in Tacoma's urban lakes. In her free time, she enjoys reading, birding, and learning guitar. Contact: email

Maddie Hubbard

Maddie joined the Hydro-biogeochemistry group in June of 2016. They are an undergraduate senior in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department, with a focus in Environmental engineering. They work on a number of projects in the lab, including the impacts of climate change on the quality of rice, and carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in Alaskan wetlands. Outside the lab, Maddie likes to cook, craft, and write. Contact: email

Teresa Wang


Teresa is working towards a B.S. in Environmental Science and Resource Management as well as a minor in Architecture and a minor in Urban Ecological Design. She joined the lab in the Spring of 2017. She focuses on the study about the effects of climate change on rice grain quality. In addition to her interest in environmental sustainability, Teresa enjoys running, swimming, climbing, trips to Costco, and eating breakfast foods for every meal.

Alex Ratcliff

Alex is an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Engineering. He joined the Hydro-biogeochemistry research group in June 2017. Alex is passionate about the environment and also works as a project lead for the campus group UW-Solar. Contact: email

Jonathan McLean

Undergrad picture.JPG

Jon is a senior pursuing a degree in Aquatics and Fisheries Sciences, with a minor in Marine Biology. He joined the Hydro-biogeochemistry group in June of 2017 researching arsenic contamination in several urban lakes in Tacoma. In his free time, Jon is an avid scuba diver, bass player, and hiker.