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Current Position openings

Field technician, fairbanks & kenai alaska

Starting June 2019, the hydro-biogeochemistry group has an opening for a summer field technician. The technician will be working at two field sites located in Alaska — one in Fairbanks and one in Kenai — on a project investigating methane production and methane oxidation in permafrost thaw bogs. The project is focused on advancing understanding of how permafrost landscapes in Northern latitudes affect and are affected by climatic change. The site in Fairbanks is in the Bonanza Creek LTER research forest and is part of the Alaska Peatland Experiment (APEX). The site in Kenai is located in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The technician will live in Fairbanks over the summer and will travel back and forth to the two field sites by car. This is an hourly paid position with shared housing in Fairbanks provided. the technician will assist the field efforts of a graduate student researcher working at the two sites; will be responsible for making various routine measurements (e.g., gas flux, well elevations, water levels, active layer depth), and overseeing performance and troubleshooting (if needed) of an automated belowground root imaging and oxygen sensor network; and will be expected to backpack heavy loads of equipment into the site (~1 mile distance). If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Neumann ( with: 1) a cover letter expressing why you are interested and qualified for the position, 2) a CV or resume, and 3) the names and contact information of three individuals able to provide a letter of recommendation.

External Funding

I strongly encourage interested candidates to apply for externally funded fellowships to support their research. Some possible sources of external support are:

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