Publication gains media attention

A paper lead by Becca, group PI, has gained the attention of multiple media outlets. See Press page for details of media coverage. The paper is titled “Warming Effects of Spring Rainfall Increase Methane Emissions From Thawing Permafrost” and was published in Geophysical Research Letters. The paper, a product of the Permafrost Methane project, was a group effort and relied upon field data collected and analyzed by former group members Colby Moorberg and Jesse Turner. The key findings were:

  1. In rainy years, recharge from the watershed rapidly altered wetland soil temperatures, affecting sedge abundance and methane emissions

  2. When wetland soils were warmed by spring rainfall, growing‐season methane emissions increased by ~30%

  3. By advecting thermal energy into soil, precipitation regulates the near‐term global warming potential of thawing permafrost landscapes