I expect all lab group members to conduct their work and research with integrity and in a safe manner such that they do not harm themselves or others. I expect all members to contribute to a positive work and learning environment that is respectful, thoughtful, and free of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. I value open communication between all group members, including myself. I see my job as creating opportunities and providing mentorship that helps everyone achieve their learning and career goals. Below I have created documents outlining specific expectations for the different individuals involved in the research group:

  • Graduate Students

  • Postdoctoral researchers (coming soon)

  • Undergraduate researchers (coming soon)


Please be courteous to me and fellow group members by not using your cell phone during meetings;  silence your phone and avoid sending text messages.

Graduate Exams

The following documents have been created by graduate students in CEE to help in-coming students understand how to prepare for the general exam and the dissertation defense.

Getting Ready for Quals (Envi Focus)

Getting Ready for Generals

Getting Ready to Graduate


First Author

You earn first authorship if more than 50% of the text and figures in the submitted manuscript are generated by you. If you write the first draft of the manuscript, but then do not participate in the editing and revision process such that your text and figures no longer make up more than half of the finalized manuscript, then you will lose the opportunity to be first author. You will remain an author on the manuscript, but you will not remain as first author.

Other authors

You earn authorship on manuscripts if you intellectually contribute to the project and data presented in the manuscript. Some specific examples are outlined below:

  • It is not an intellectual contribution if you collect data, either in the field or lab, but you do not post-process those data (e.g., analyze or plot the data, make figures from the data, etc.). If you assist with data collection but not data processing, then you will be thanked in the acknowledgement section of the manuscript but you will not be included as an author.

  • It is an intellectual contribution and you will be included as an author if you substantially assist with method development, data analysis, data interpretation, making plots and figures, etc.

  • It is an intellectual contribution and you will be included as an author if you actively participate in the manuscript writing process.


You have a year after graduating or leaving the group to retain sole ownership over writing up and submitting your research for publication. After a year, you lose sole ownership over this process and I will either take the opportunity myself or give the opportunity to someone else to write up and publish your research. You will be included as an author on the produced manuscript, but you will not be first author. The person generating more than 50% of the text and figures in the submitted manuscript will be first author. Your research is funded with taxpayer or donor dollars, and I have a responsibility to ensure that research conducted with those resources gets made publicly available. Research that is not published cannot advance knowledge.

How to Write