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The UW CEE Department makes it relatively easy to Fedex items. Here is a step-by-step guide to how this is done, as of July 2018.



There are two stockrooms on campus that we have access to. 

  1. UW Chemistry Stockroom - The catalog for the UW chemistry stockroom is listed on their webpage. Supplies can then be picked up in person at the stockroom. To purchase supplies you must have an account. You can set up your account in person, using your husky card and an active budget number. The stockroom is located at 36 Bagley Hall.

  2. UW Biochemistry Store - This catalog can be found at the Biochemistry stockroom website. An account has been established in the Neumann Lab name. However, a new account will need to be established if your budget number has never been used at the store. Inform the store attendant that you work for Rebecca Neumann, and provide an active budget number and husky card. The biochemistry store is located in Room J-014, Health Sciences Building.

In both cases please save the receipts you receive from the stockroom, sign and date them, and then deposit them in the envelope on the bulletin board in Wilcox 169.  


You can buy supplies from a range of dealers, including VWR, Fisher, Praxair and Sigma, using the UW e-procurement system. By using this system you get access to UW contract pricing and free shipping.

  • Log into Ariba using your UW credentials.

  • Select the 'Procurement' tab

  • Under 'Catalog' find and select your vendor

  • Push the 'Buy from Supplier' button, which will take you to the vendor's site

  • Add desired item to shopping cart or basket

  • When ready to purchase items, navigate to the cart/basket and select 'Return Cart to Purchasing Application'

  • You will return to UW Ariba system where you assign budget numbers to items and indicate shipping location.

  • Submit your order and print out the order confirmation.

  • When the item arrives, attach the packing slip to the order confirmation and place these documents in the envelope on the bulletin board in Wilcox 169.

Lab Credit Card

It is possible to use the lab credit card for vendors not included in the e-procurement system for research purchases up to $3,500. Every time you use the credit card you must print out the receipt for the transaction and attached it to a filled-in Procard Transaction Form. You must get Becca to sign the Procard Form and turn it into fiscal staff in More 201 before the end of the month. Becca has file organizer on the outside of here door for these documents. If you need her to sign a procard form, place it in the 'To Do (In)' slot. After she signs it she will move it to the 'Done (Out)' slot. Please do not interrupt her while she is working in her office just to sign this form.

If we do not properly handle documentation of credit card purchases, the group will lose the privilege of having a lab credit card. If you have not received the good/services purchased with the card, note this by checking the green box on the Procard Form. Once the items has been received, you will need to turn in the pack slip or some other documentation to fiscal staff.

* Important note 1 on the lab credit card: It cannot be used to make any travel related purchases.  You cannot purchase flights, hotels, food with the card. You can, however, use it for conference registrations.

* Important note 2 on the lab credit card: The card has a single transaction limit of $3,500. For research purchases greater than $3,500, do not split purchases between transactions. Instead, email Josie Aguiling (CEE Fiscal) with a statement describing the type of research it will be used for as well as research aims and desired outcome, budget number, product number(s) and quantities, total cost, and a statement saying, “this equipment will be used greater than 50% of its useful life for research.” She will help you make the purchase without the credit card.


You can purchase flights for work trips through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). (Think Kayak connected to UW). The benefits of using this method to purchase flights is that UW rules and contract rates are built in to the system, and the ticket is directly charged to a budget and not your personal credit card.
To sign up:
Follow this link:
Enter “Civil & Environmental Engineering” in ‘School/College/Department/Office’ (no abbreviations)
Do not need to enter credit card information as it will link to department travel card
Do not need to enter passport information unless you want it to be saved in your profile


Non-Travel Items

Non-travel reimbursements are for occasions when other procurement methods are not an option. Seeking reimbursement for UW purchases of goods and services made with personal funds should be done only as a last resort. All individuals seeking or approving reimbursements should be familiar with our “what’s not allowed to be charged.” To get reimbursed, use Purchase Path. Instructions for using Purchase Path can be downloaded here.


After returning from a trip you can get reimbursed for travel-related expenses. Use Purchase Path, as above for non-travel items. You must give a business purpose for your trip, attach your flight itinerary (even if you are not seeking reimbursement for your flight) and attach all receipts other than those for food. I ask that you not request Per Diem for meals but rather keep track of what you actually spent on food and ask for that amount in your reimbursement. This practice helps keep the cost of travel lower, enabling more trips or money for other research-related expenses. You will not need to include food receipts when claiming less than the allowed Per Diem amount.

Research Organization

Lab Server

Back up all of your work to the lab server on a regular basis.
To connect to server with a PC:

  • Open Computer in explorer window

  • Select "Map Network drive"

  • Drive Letter -- anything you want.

  • Folder: \\\share

  • Select "connect using different credentials"

  • Push "Finish"

  • Put in user Name (NeumannLab) & Password (related to name of the research group with o=0 and i=1)

  • check "remember my credentials"

  • Hit "OK"

To connect to server with a mac:

  • From main menu bar select 'Go --> Connect to server'

  • Type in: smb://

  • Hit 'Connect'

lab Google Drive

The lab has a group Google Drive for easy sharing of files, presentations and documents. The Google Drive is for access to common documents, not for backing up of research results and data. The server should be used for research results and data.

Lab Tasks

A Google Sheet Document outlining all lab tasks. People are assigned responsibility within this sheet for tasks on a quarterly basis.

Work Logs

The Lab Google Drive includes a folder that houses 'work logs' for all group members. These are logs that are meant to document major work progress, decisions and findings. Ideally they get updated on a weekly basis. This information ends up being helpful as we move forward in time and we forget why we did what we did or why we made the decisions we ended up making. 

People Organization


We have a 'Neumann Lab' Slack site for easy correspondence between lab members, project groups, etc. Ask to join the Slack site if you are not yet a member.

We have a lab listserve for email correspondence to all group members. You can join the listserve by visiting: 

Lab Calendars

The research group keeps a Google 'Lab Event' calendar where we post event information, including:

  • when and where we are holding lab group meeting

  • when people with full time appointments will be out on vacation, at conferences, conducting fieldwork, etc.

  • when people with hourly appointments will be in the lab

The group also keeps a Google 'Lab Class' calendar where people post when they will be in class. This calendar helps us to find times for meetings.

Becca's Calendar

Becca shares her busy/free status with all group members through her personal Google calendar.  Ask her to share her calendar with you if you do not currently have access to it. You can make an appointment with Becca in any slot on her calendar that is free, without checking with her first. To make an appointment with her:

  • Identify an open slot on her calendar

  • On your Google calendar, create an event in the identified time slot

  • Invite Becca to your event. This will automatically send Becca an email and will populate her calendar with the event.

  • Include your name in the event title so Becca knows who she will be meeting with

  • Becca will accept the event invitation unless it turns out she actually does have a conflict with the identified time.