University of Washington Hydro-biogeochemistry Research Group

We reveal how hydrologic, chemical and biological processes interact in soils, aquifers and surface waters to control chemical transport and fate


We aim to inform management and policy decisions that protect human and environmental health


multifaceted and cross-disciplinary Approach

  • We tackle societally relevant topics, such as food and water quality and global climate change

  • We harness knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines, including hydrology, limnology, aquatic chemistry, soil science, plant ecophysiology, and microbial ecology

  • We use a combination of observational, experimental and computational methods

  • We work across different spatial scales, from the micro-meter scale of microbes, to the centimeter scale of plant roots, up to the kilometer scale of field sites


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Our group is lead by Becca Neumann and involves postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students.

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University of Washington
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